Standing Together for Strong Community Schools

Tennesseans invested in local public education.

Help Us Now

We need  parents and community members across Tennessee to make their voices heard in opposition to vouchers and a state-wide charter authorizer.  Even after these proposals are put to rest, we want to maintain a network of individuals ready to support strong public education across Tennessee.  You can be a part of this effort by

  • Taking our Anonymous poll at the bottom of this page. Let your opinion be counted.

  • Liking our Facebook page:

  • Subscribing to our website updates by email in the right hand column on this page.

  • Contacting your state legislators.

  • Writing or emailing your state legislators. They need to hear from as many groups and individuals as possible to understand our side of the issue. Please click here for a sample letter you can use as a guide when writing your State Senator and State Representative.

    • Click here for your State Representative and email or write them.
    • Click here for your Senator and email or write them.

We will provide updates and tools to help you effectively express your concerns, and a forum for you to share good news regarding your local schools with others across the state. Together, we WILL make sure that our legislators and leaders hear the voices of Tennesseans who support public education, and we WILL build a long-lasting coalition to build stronger public schools across our great state!


3 thoughts on “Help Us Now

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  3. How about an amendment to require the State to fully fund any charter school which the State may allow to be established over the objection of a local school board WITHOUT reducing funding for the system had the charter school not be established.

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