Standing Together for Strong Community Schools

Tennesseans invested in local public education.

Stand with Us Tennessee

We were pleased the Tennessean wanted to do a story on “Standing Together for Strong Community Schools”. We hope our message resonates with the State of Tennessee. We are truly grassroots volunteers. We do not have a shiny office or slick board room. We receive no PAC money. There is no bank account. We meet in coffee shops, parks, or other public school parents’ homes. We scramble for child care for our meetings, but when we can’t find it, our children scramble underfoot as we discuss how to ensure that they, as well as all the children of Tennessee, receive the best public education possible.  We fear some will take our initiatives out of context, so we choose to craft our message on this website. We want other education advocates and public school parents around the state to share their experiences–in their words–with us.

We want voters and other public school parents to understand that vouchers and unfettered growth of charter schools are not panaceas and, in fact, can effectively weaken our public school systems. We need thoughtful school reform that insures good charters enter the school system. Charters must best serve our unique communities and help support and strengthen our zoned district schools. It must be done through local control, not a state level charter authorizer.

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