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What Does a Strong Community School Look Like?

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We are told by our school administration and our state government we should be engaged parents and citizens. I feel this site gives us a voice. I wonder if lawmakers and policy makers will be listening? Many times we are asked, “What do you want for your schools?” So let’s put together a wish list. Interestingly, I feel most lists made out by any education group might look the same. We need to work together to find a way to make this list a reality. We know what a strong school looks like. We should be able to decide locally how to create it.

Do we need a state-level charter authorizer or vouchers to make this list happen? That is the question we all keep asking ourselves. Why does it take totally dismantling and privatizing to create education quality? And how might those changes affect the good results already happening in system? We feel there are great things on this list that ARE happening at the school and district level in both charter and zoned schools. We hope to bring them to your attention on this site.

Look for these topics to be addressed in individual posts in the weeks to come.
Smaller Class Sizes
Better Funding
Teacher Training
More Technology Tools
Site-Based Managed Schools
Wellness Programs
Art & Music
Physical Education
Foreign Language
Facilities Improvements
Support for the Disabled
More Recess Time for Elementary School
Strong Academics
Allow all Children to Reach Their Individual Academic Potential
Value Progress Over Benchmarks
True College Prep
True Career Prep
Social Emotional Development
Close the Digital Divide
Safe Schools
Head Start/Preschool Funding
Support for Children of Poverty
Services for Diverse Communities
Mental Health Programs
Mind The Gap
Food Quality
Hands-on help in the classroom to service testing and return teachers to teaching.

Want to add to this list?
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