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Tennesseans invested in local public education.

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We are public school supporters organizing against the establishment of a statewide charter authorizer and school vouchers (a.k.a., corporate welfare checks). We feel that implementing a voucher program and allowing an unelected group of state-level administrators to determine which charter schools can come into our individual school districts will cost taxpayers millions, limit competition, and, worst of all, hinder sustainable improvement in education overall at the zoned school level. We feel that if our local school boards cannot choose what charter schools enter our districts, parent and voter voices will be further marginalized, school budgets will continue to shrink, and classroom sizes will continue to swell.

We do not have a shiny office or slick board room. We receive no PAC money. We meet in coffee shops, parks, or other public school parents’ homes. We scramble for child care for our meetings, but when we can’t find it, our children scramble underfoot as we discuss how to ensure that they, as well as all the children of Tennessee, receive the best public education possible.  We fear some will take our initiatives out of context, so we choose to craft our message on this website.  We want voters and other public school parents to understand that vouchers and unfettered growth of charter schools are not panaceas and, in fact, can effectively weaken our public school systems. We want thoughtful school reform that ensures that good charters enter our school systems–charters that best serve our unique communities and help support and strengthen our zoned district schools. We want other education advocates and public school parents around the state to share their experiences–in their words–with us. And we want parents to connect with us so we can work together to strengthen our schools within our communities.

We hope you can help our voice grow by taking action HERE.


As volunteers with limited time we are unable to manage comments at this time. So we have them disabled.

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