Standing Together for Strong Community Schools

Tennesseans invested in local public education.

Public School Advocates Speak Out

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Standing Together for Strong Community Schools is a grass-roots, nonpartisan coalition of parents and community members who value public education and are committed to strengthening and protecting Tennessee’s public schools. For too long, discussion of public education in Tennessee has been dominated by negativity and manipulated by well-funded special interests intent on dismantling our school systems, diverting public money from public schools, and limiting the voices of Tennessee citizens by attempting to usurp the power of locally elected school boards. It is time for those who value and appreciate public education in Tennessee to celebrate our successes, become more informed on the various challenges our public schools face today, share ideas on supporting and improving our schools, and join forces to speak up on laws that impact our schools.

We want improvement in Tennessee schools driven by the voices of Tennessee parents and citizens, not by the out-of-state special interests that poured over $250,000 into our last election cycle to advance their agenda. Two legislative ideas already being discussed for 2013 will negatively affect the stability and strength of our schools:

1) A statewide charter school authorizer

2) Diverting tax dollars to private schools through vouchers

Join us as we “Stand Together for Strong Community Schools” and help shape education reform that truly serves ALL students and ALL communities.

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